Desika prabandham in a MP3 CD
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We would like to thank you for your interest in desika prabandham and in this Compact disc you can read the entire desika prabandham in tamil script and listen to them in a traditional sandhai style as we hear in temples.In addition to this we have provided complete collection of Sri desika stotras in Tamil,Sanskrit and English scripts.


Swami desikan has blessed us with more than 24 tamil prabandhams which basically explain the concepts he has analysed in depth in his commentries in Tamil Sanskrit and ManipravaLa.Swami desikan identifies himself as "Sandhamiku tamizh maRaiyOn" in prabandha saram which clearly shows swami desika's love for tamil and tamil prabandhams of Azhvars.

We have presented the desika prabandham in mp3 version in addition to the tamil script files in adobe acrobat format. Our sincere thanks to Sri Ahobila mutt,USA for providing the basic text which was further refined by listening to the authentic recordings of recitation of sri desika prabandham.

our goshti members Sri Navalpakkam R Ananth and Sri Natteri R.Narayanan who have undergone desika prabandha adhyayanam in their school days in a traditional way, have recited the sri desika prabandham.

Try before you buy: prabandha saram(part)

You may probably aware that we have done similar kaimkaryam with Naalaayira divya prabandham.The entire audio collection of 4000 pasurams are available in one compact disc, in addition to the tamil script of entire divya prabandham.

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You can obtain this CD by sending an email to us at We have underwritten all the costs and the proceeds from this CD distribution is being donated to divya desa kaimkaryams.


We thank all bhagavathas who motivated us in performing this kainkaryam and we hope this kaimkaryam is of use to bhagavathas around the globe, especially for those who have  desire to learn desikaprabandam.We are also aware that the desika prabandham recitation tapes or CDs are not available in the market,unlike the various releases of Naalaayira divya prabandham.Hope this MP3 CD will be of use to bhagavathas to learn the gems of swami desika.

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VangIpuram R Venkataraghavan
Navalpakkam R Ananthan
Natteri R Narayanan