Real Audio page

Welcome to our Real audio page of divya desam. Here we will take you through the divya desam with atleast one real audio clip for each divya desam. Although we want to provide the entire pasurams related to each divya desam on the web, due to size restriction of these free web pages we are unable to do this kaimkaryam at this time.You are requested to acquire one complete set of audio cassette of Sri Sevelimedu swamy which covers the entire divya prabandham.This can be purchased from Giri stores in Mylapore,Chennai or at any leading Music stores.Click on the divya desam to listen to the audio clip pertaining to the divya desam.

One note: The audio clips of this page will first download and play rather than online.Since the size of the audio files are very small the download time won't be more than 2 minutes per file. In case you want to download the file for later listening please use your right button of your mouse and choose "Save file as" or "Save target as".

Hope you will enjoy these audio pages and I am counting on your feed back. Do drop a line to until such time you have a guest book for this site.

Dasan venkat.

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