Travel guide to visit Divya desams
(updated on 20th September  2012)

Welcome to our travel guide page. We will provide the travel details, how to reach the divya desam and where to stay and the related web sites providing details about stay etc. Since we want to present good travel information it may take some time before we complete this exercise. Most of the information is being provided based on the personal experience of devotees who undertook pilgrimmage to these temples. Tour maps have been added for all divya desams.Scroll down to see them.

Smt Subhashini Narasimhan's tour experinces of Bhadrachalam, Mattapalli, Mangalagiri, Vedadri and Kethavaram temples have been added. Excellent trip to Various Nrusimhar temples and Sri Rama temple. Read and be blessed. New

Sri Vardan's excellent and very detailed travel diary to Dwaraka, Vrindavan, Mathura and Gokulam (Krishna Anu Yatra). Read and Enjoy 

Smt Subhashini Narasimhan's tour experinces of Kerala based divya desams has been added. Read and enjoy 

Shakuntala Ragunathan's tour experiences about their Thirunangur based temples are here    

Venkat's tour experiences to Thiruppullani,Srivilliputtur and many divya desams near Kumbakonam, Thanjavour are here

Sri Aravind's tour experiences to Sholingur divyadesam and valuable tips for visiting Kerala based divya desams have been added.

Don't miss out very detailed note by Sri Varadhan on his recent trip to Salagramam Nepal (excellent one) Go here

Sri Subha's tour experiences in March 05 is here 

Sri Santhanam's tour experiences to Kerala based divya desams is here.   In Tamil

Smt Godha Sridharan has toured to Azhvar nava thirupathi in Sep 04 and her tour experiences are here

Smt Subha's tour experiences to Kanchipuram in Sep 04 is here.

Sri Mukundan has travelled to all the forty divya desams in Chozha nadu and he has given wonderful summery of his trip with all relevent information. Read it here.   

Smt Godha's tour experiences to Thiruvahendrapuram and Thirukkovilur is here. Choza nattu divya desa trip experiences are here . Therazhundhur tour experineces are here.

Don't miss the wonderful travel experiences of Smt Subhashini Narasimhan. Read it here  

Don't miss exhaustive travel diary of Sri Varadan swami of Hydrabad on Badri and other north based divya desams/temples. Go here. ahobilam trip experiences are here

You can read adiyen's tour experiences from here. adiyen has visited more than 40 divya desams during our vacation in July 2003.

If you want to offer vastrams and other pooja materials to any of these temples,this write up will be of great use.Don't miss it. Click here

Please read the travel diary of Sri Ananth who has covered around 100 temples in 16 days.He has given contact details of bhattars and local bhagavathas who would be willing to assist in your pilgrimmage.Read this document here.

You are welcome to share your personal information which would be of use to other devotees.

Dasan venkat.

Chozha nadu Nadu nadu Thondai nadu Vada nadu Malai nadu Paandiya nadu Out of world

Divya desams in Chozha naadu(Present Tanjavour,Trichy districts)

New:Maps have been added

The following six divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Tiruchchirappalli(Trichy).

1.Srirangam( arangam,thiruvarangam,Koyil)
3.Thirukkarambanur(uththamar koil)
4.Thiru veLLaRai
6.ThiruppEr nagar(koviladi,appakkudaththan)

7.ThirukkaNdiyur (Near Thanjavour)

The following divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Kumbakonam.
more travel info here

12.Kumbakonam (Thirukkudhanthai)
13.Oppli appan koil (ViNNagar)
14.Naachchiyaar koil (Thirunaraiyur)

The following divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Thanjavour

Pilgrim's diary of Smt Subhashini Narasimhan    

19.Nagaippattinam( Thiru nagai)
20.Thanjai MaamaNik koil (Thanjavour)

The following divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Kumbakonam.

21.Thiru nandhi pura viNNagaram

The following divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Mayiladuthurai.

24.SiRu puliyur
25.Thalaichchangkadu ( thiru thalaich changa naaN madhiyam)

The following divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Seerkazhi or Mayiladuthurai.

Read wonderful travel experiences of smt Subhashini Narasimhan to these temples. go here

27.KaavaLam paadi
28.Seerkaazhi ( thiru kaazhich cheerama vinnagaram)
29.Arimeya viNNagaram
30.VaN purushoththamam
31.Thiru semponsey koil
32.Thiru maNi maadak koil
33.Vaikundha viNNagaram
34.Thiru vaali Thiru nagari
35.Thiru Thevanaar thogai
36.Thiru theRRiyambalam
37.Thiru maNik koodam
38.Annan koil ( thiru veLLakkuLam)
39.Parththan paLLi
40.Chidambaram( Thiru chithirak koodam)

Don't miss the wonderful travel experiences of a devotee who has attended the Thirunangur 11 Garuda sevai.
Go here.

Divya desams in Nadu naadu (Near Cuddalore) See Map

41.Thiruvahendrapuram (Ayindhai)
Divya desams in Thondai naadu(Madras,Kanchi areas) See map

47.Thiru neerakam
49.Thiru nilaath thungaL thuNdam
50.Thiru Urakam
51.Thiru veqkaa
55.ThiruppavaLa vaNNam
56.Thirup paramEsvara viNNagaram
57.Thirup putkuzhi

The following divya desams can be visited while staying at Chennai.

58.Thiru ninRavUr
62.Thiru idavendhai
63.Thirukkadal mallai (Maamalla puram)

Divya desams in North India (Vada naadu)

The following divya desams are in Uttar pradesh except Salagramam which is in Nepal

65.AyOdhdhi                   A pilgrim's diary
66.NaimicharaNyam      A pilgrim's diary
67.Thiruppiruthi ( Jhoshi mutt,Nanda prayag) A pilgrims diary 
68.ThirukkaNdam kadinagar (Deva prayag) A pilgrims diary
69.Badrinath ( vadhari)                                     A pilgrims diary
70.SaaLaggraamam ( Nepal)   Another write up from a devotee   Sri Varadan's detailed writeup New
71.Madhura (Vada madurai)  A pilgrim's diary
72.Ayppadi (Gokulam)           A pilgrim's diary

Divya desam in Gujarat.

73.Dwaraka (Thuvari,Thuvarapathi) A Pilgrim's diary

Read a good article about tour conductors to various divya desams in North including Salagramam in Nepal

The following divya desams are in Andra pradesh.

Don't miss out the wonderful pilgrim's diary on Thiruvengadam. 60 pages and wonderful article

74.Ahobilam ( SingavEL kundram)                 A pilgrim's diary  
75.Thiru vEngadam(Thiruppathi,Thirumalai) A pilgrim's diary  Printer friendly version

Divya desams in Malai Naadu (Kerala) See Map
76.Thiru naavaay
77.Thiru viththuvakkOdu
78.Thiruk kaatkarai
79.Thiru mUzhikkaLam
80.Thiru vallavaazh
81.Thiruk kadiththaanam
82.Thiruch chengkunRanUr
84.ThiruvaaRan viLai
85.Thiru vaN vaNdUr
86.Thiru anandha puram

Detailed sthala puranam related to Malai Nadu Divya desams can be found here.

You may contact Sri.P.K.Venkatesan,Sri Vaishnava divya desa Yatra service,1/10,Vinayakar koil street,Pappanayakkan palayam,Coimbatore 641037. Tel 2218487 for a comfortable trip to malai nadu divya desams in 4 days at a very reasonable fee including stay and food.

The following divya desams can be easily visited while staying at Kanyakumari.

88.Thiru vaN paricharam

Divya desams in PaNdiya Naadu (Madurai,Srivillipuththur,Thirunelveli areas) SeeMap

The following divya desams are located near Thirunelveli.

89.Thiruk kurngkudi

Azhvar nava thiruppathi:Detailed travel information can be found here.

Map here

92.VaraguNa mangai
93.Thirup puLingkudi
94.Thiruth tholaivilli mangalam
97.Then thiruppErai
98.Azhvar thirunagari(Thirukkurugur)


Please read the Nava garuda sevai experiences of a devotee. Go here.  

The following divya desams are near Madurai.

102.Thirumaalirum sOlai
104.ThirukkOshtiyur (near sivagangai)
105.ThiruppullaaNi (contact Sri G Sundararajan,1/95 south car street,Thiruppullani. ph 04567-254362/254500.
106.Thiru meyyam(near Pudukkottai)

Divya desams in out of this world.(a prapanna can only visit these divya desams after end of his present life)

107.Thirup paaRkadal

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