Srimathe ramanujaya namaha

Appeal for support of Nitya aradhana kaimkaryam
(Assistance for Daily worship) Updated on 7th Dec 2012

What is divya desam
How you can help

We are pleased to inform you that a trust titled "Divya desa kainkarya trust" has been formed and registered for the purpose of supporting old srivaishnava temples. Many temples in the following divya desams are being supported by us in the past 8,9 years.The following temples are receiving our support for nithya aradhanam.(Thanjai mamanikkoil was the first temple to receive our kaimkaryam since July 2000)

We have now included the contact details of our local co ordinator which will be of use if you plan a trip to this temple and you are welcome to write to us on the present status of the temple and any further inputs for improving our service. Feel free to email me at

adiyen would request every bhagavatha who is reading this to support our humble attmpt by donations and offering their voluntary service.

7th Dec: There has been some change in the monthly kaimkaryam details and this has been updated.

Sep 11th Update

We are glad to inform that Sri Ashwin and Sri Magesh Shyam and their friends are participating in our humble activities in many divya desams and accordingly our contribution to Thalachchangadu, Thiruvelliyangudi, Parthan palli and Kabistalam temples have been increased to undertake additional kaimkaryams.

The kainakariyams Of Installing Inverter, sairan and grill gate to Thiruvali and inverter to Thalachangadu are in progress

August 24th Update

1. We are doing kaimkaryam at Kooram Desikar sannidhi. Details are below.

2. Contact details added for Thiruchcherai divya desam

Updated on 2nd July 2010

Our trust has co-ordinated and participated in the following kaimkaryams recently.

1. Laying of granite stone to Artha mandapam in Thiruvelliyangudi divya desam. To see image click here.

2. Renovation of Kannadi arai in PuLLambhUthangudi divya desam. Image is here.

3. We are now doing nitya aradana kaimkaryam at Desikar sannidhi of Thiruchcherai divya desam.

We are glad to inform that our trust has performed grand thirumanjanam at Thiruvelliyangudi on the occasion of Sri Rama navami. Images are here

Finally we are glad to inform that the samprokshanam of Thanjai maamanik koil went on well on 1st Nov 2009.  Images of the function are here

Kaimkarayams in the following temples are being done every month

Sl No Name of the temple Location Details of assistance Amount and Local contact details
1 Thanjai maamanik koil
(Neela mega perumal)
Thanjavour One time prasadam and bhattar sambhavanai,
Oil for lamp, parimala dhraviyam.
Rs 2000 pm. Local contact
Sri Veera raghavan; 9344698588
2 Thirukkaviththalam
Near kumbakonam
Monthly thirumanjanam, Moolavar thaila kappu
 Thaligai on every sravanam
Rs 1500 pm. Sri Ramakrishnan
Ph 04374-220998
3 Thalachchangadu
Near Seerkazhi Archakar sambhavaani,daily prasadam,oil and
watchman assistance
Rs 2650 pm. Sri N S Thiruvengadam
Ph 09443278102
Thiru velliyangudi
Ucchikala thaligai, archakar sambhavanai,milk
for artha jamam, punarvasu thaligai+archanai, Oil for lamp
Rs 2500 pm. Sri S Ramamoorthy
bhattar. Ph 09443396212
5 Annan koil Near Thirunangur Maintenance of flower,tulasi garden Rs 500/ p.m.  Sri Madhava bhattar
ph 04364-266534
Parthan PaLLi
Near Thirunangur
Provision of flowers to perumal daily, Oil for lamp
Rs 750 pm Sri Lakshmana Dikshithar
Ph 04364-275478
Near Thirunangur
Archakar sambhavanai and one time prasadam
Rs 1500 p.m
Nathan Koil Kumbakonam
Ghee for ardhajama prasadam
Rs 1000 pm. Sri S Mahalingam
Ph 09843795904
Sevilimedu Kanchipuram One time prasadam daily+ bhattar sambhavanai
Rs 2250 p.m. Sri Venkata krishna
bhattar Ph 044-27237303
Vittalapuram Bhattar sambhavana Rs 250 p.m Sri L Venugopala krishnan
Ph 91769635929
11 Medavakkam Chennai Parimala draviyam Rs 600/ p.m (our trust)
12 Kattumannar koil (Sri Natha
muni avatara sthalam)
Chatur vedi mangalam
Sambhava for bhattar Rs 650 pm. Sri Srinivasa narayanan
Ph 04144-262050
Thiruchcherai desikar sannidhi
Near Kumbakonaam
Nithya aradhanai and oil for lamp
(Daily worship expenses) Image
Rs 1500 pm Sri R Rangaraja bhatter
Ph 9486909007

Other kaimkaryams:

Apart from these kaimkaryams we haven't forgotten the social angle and needs of deserving students who are in need of uniforms, books and educational aid. This kaimkaryam is on going on regular basis. If you would like to sponsor such donations you are welcome. You can personally donate to the child after understanding their needs. Also if you feel that some one in any of these divya desams are in need of help for education, please email me with details so that we can extend our helping hand. 

1. We have offered an Invertor for Thuppul Vilakkolipperumal temple in May 2007.

2. We have offered an invertor for Sri Anbil divya desam to ensure that bhagavathas are not deprived of good darshan of the Lord during electric power cuts. See Image.

3. We are now sponsoring two day utsavams at Nathan koil and this will done every done during Brahmotsavam.

4. A beautiful nandavanam has been created with a bore well at Therazhundhur temple and we are also undertaking maintenance of the same on monthly basis.

5. We have offered silver satari for Ramar sannidhi in Medavakkam temple. ee dinamalar clipping here

6.We would request your generous help to provide copper plating for Dwajasthambam at Adhanur divya desam. Estimated requirement Rs 1.5 lakhs. Please read Srimad Azhagiya singar's Srimukam here. This kaimkaryam has been completed now. See Image

7. Thanjai mamanikkoil (Nelamegap perumal) is going to be renovated. Our trust is committed to take part in a big way. We would appreciate your help. See images. Read appeal and Estimate  Images of recent thirumanjanam at thanjai mamanikkoil are here

 Please see a movie clip of present condition of the Neelamegaperumal temple click here

(courtesy: Ramji folk songs and research centre,Madurai)

8. Sevilimedu Sri Narasimhar temple requires your support for renovation of main gopuram. This work is in progress.

9. Donations are requested for reconstruction and roofing of archaka living quarters in Thalachchangau.

10. Minor renovation works in Thirukkanna mangai desikar sannidhi. This has been completed now. See images here (31st Oct 05)

11. Grill gates were provided at Sri Ramar and Sri Venkatachalapathy sannidhis at Nachchiar koil

12. Grill gate was provided at Perumal sannidhi at Nathan koil.

13. New invertor has been offered at Adhanur and Pullambhuthangudi temples on 30th Dec 2007. See images here.Adhanur Pullambhuthangudi

14. Silver Kavachams weighing about 4 kgs were offered to Sri Devi and Bhu devi Thayars (Moolavar) at Thirukkanna puram.

15. Donations were handed over for renovation of Sri Desikar sannidhi at Thiruchcherai divya desam. More details and images are here

16. New vattils have been offered at Kabistalam and thirumanjanam was performed for perumal and thaayar on Sravanam (26/08/07).

17. Please help us to support the renovation kaimkaryam at Thiruchcherai divya desam. Read appeal here

18. Our trust will be participating in Thirukkanna mangai Sri Desikar utsavam (8th Day).Read the invitation here and do participate.

Our trust has co ordinated in organising the following kaimkaryams thru various donars at various temples/mutt in the last two years. Details here

Our trust has participated in relief efforts of Tsunami victims. Besides contributing for the The Hindu relief fund  (scroll down to see our divya desa kainkarya trust) we have directly involved in the kaimkaryam along with Lions Club,Seerkazhi. Our trust co ordinator Sri Aalinadan swami of Thirunagari was fully involved in distribution of food,clothes etc. 

1.Contributions from trustees.
2.Donation from other bhagavathas, who are  intrested in charitable activities.
4.Donation from the sale of  divya prabandham and desika prabandham CDs. All the costs are underwritten and the sale procees are used for kaimkaryams.

How can devotees help.

1. By donating what ever little possible for this kaimkaryam.

Send your contributions in favour of DIVYA DESA KAINKARYA TRUST and mail the draft/cheque to

(Managing Trustee-Divya desa kainkarya trust)
Plot no 8,VGP Babu nagar
First main road
Chennai 600 100
Tel: 91 44 22770754

2. By visiting the temples whenever possible. adiyen can arrange for  a comfortable trip keeping Kumbakonam or seekazhi as base. Reach the town by night train (sleeper class)from Chennai and spend a day visiting 8-10 divya desams in ONE DAY and return back to Chennai  on the third day early morning.Please send me a mail to arrange for your comfortable trip. Please email me at

Divya desa Kaimkaryams:

1. What is a divya desam?

        There are 108 temples which are of great importance to a srivaishanva a devotee of supreme Lord Sri Vishnu. These temples are special because they were visited by great azhvar saints and they sang prabandhams in praise of the deities in these temples.Out of the 108, 2 divya desams are not in this material world.They are Vaikuntam and Thirupparkadal. One temple is in Nepal and the balance 105 temples are in India.

2. What is the need for support?

        In good old days the kings were taking care of the temples for their maintenance.With the abolition of the kingdom the temples came under the belt of the local state governments. Unfortunatley,in this kali yuga, the temple properities are being misused and the temples are left with out any care. Over the years the temples lost its glory and many of them are such a bad condition that there is no even daily pooja or aradana.

        There are few temples which are doing well financially like Thiruppathi and Srirangam but the temples in around Thanjavour, Kumbakonam are in need of immediate support.

3.What is nitya aradanam?

Lighting the lamp, pooja materials,flowers and tulasi and some simple prasadam to the perumal. Besides sambavana to the bhattar. They are very poorly paid by the authorities and trustee.

4. What is happening now?

        In the past 3,4 years many bhagavathas from USA, India Far East and Gulf have started supporting various temples for nitya aradanam and other basic  needs like providing vessels and vastram etc.besides minor renovations. We are all working to bring back the glory of the temples.

5. How can you help?

        On an average we require around 2500 to 3000 Indian rupees to maintain one temple per month ( US $ 70). See rough estimate below.It varies slightly from temple to temple. We request you to support any one of the divya desam for nitya aradanam. We can co ordinate and make this happen. Dedicated bhagavathas are working back home to ensure that the money is being spent for the purpose intended.

It is disturbing to note that the archa thirumeni of the Moolavar is with cracks with out thailakaappu. We are now arranging for Peria thirumanjanam once in a month to avoid this situation.

One important note:

We bhagavathas belonging to various sampradayams are working together on this kaimkaryam. While adiyen is a ahobila mutt sishya, Sri Raman kannan swami is Srimad Andavan thiruvadi and most of the bhagavathas whom we interact are belonging to Thennacharya sampradayam and that is not the end. One of our trust member is even smArthA. But our goal is common. We are indeed fortunate to have this sort of setup and this only shows that we can work together irrespective of our minor phylosophical differences if every one have this spirit of service.We seek the blessings of Sriya:pathi, Acharyas and all the bhagavathas.

        From the above you might have noticed that we are not partial in supporting temples or activities of any one sect or mutt.We are treating all the kaimkaryams alike and doing our humble bit where ever possible.Some temples follow thennacharya sampradayam some sri desika. Some kaimkaryams are related to ahobila mutt and some to srimad andavan ahramam of srirangam.

        With folded hands adiyen is requesting with utmost humility for your personal support.We do not seek huge sums of donation.Little money on regular basis will suffice. Let us show our gesture to HIM who has given this comfortable life and if we are not taking care of our temples soon these temples will become a part of History.Speak to your friends and encourage them to participate.

Thanks for your patient reading
adiyen ramanuja dasan,


Rough estimate: As of May 2003.
Rice 30 padi 300/
Curd             300/
Provisions       75/
Fire wood      75/
Total            750/.
This is for one time prasadam.
We require minimum two time prasadam.
Other items:
Flowers 300/
Pooja materials 250/
Bhattar Rs 300/- 500
Cook    Rs 300/- 500
Watchman Rs 200/- 300
adhyabhaka Rs 300/
Thirumanjanam: Rs 500/ once a month 

Total Minimum Rupees 2900/ to 3650 per month per temple.
Now we need around 5000 per temple for doing trikala aradanam (update July 2007)

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