Kaimkaryam Update

Posted on 31st March 2006

<>1 One of our trustee has contributed Rs 2 lakhs for forming a Nandavanam at Thearuszundur and the works digging  <>borewell (210 ft) installing subrime motor planting 1200 seedlings of vareity of flowers,are all finished by yesterday
<>2 An inverter at the cost of Rs14000/- and a siren at the cost ofRs 8500/- were installed at Pullabuthangudy T<>

3 A inverter was installed at the cost of Rs 14000/- at  Srivanpurushothaman.

(Name of the donors are withheld by request)

Posted in Sep 05

Minor kaimkaryams were done at Sri Desikan sannidhi at Thirukkannamangai divya desam.

Posted on 22nd November 2004

<>Msg from Managing Trustee.

Balaalayam at Thanjai will be on 8th next As the next day Thiruvathyanam of patti will fall on I 
<>could not attend the function I have asked MrSanthanam (trustee) to participate on our behalf He also  <>agreed.Myself, Sow Godha and Santhanam had visited Sevelimeadu and Kanchi yesterday  by car. The construction of Rajagopuram is on  progress I had issued a cheque for Rs 30,000/- They expect more from our trust.

Posted on 27th October 2004.

We are glad to inform you that the construction of Rajagopuram at Sevilimedu Narasimhar temple is in progress. Our trust is participating in this kaimkaryam.

Renovation of Thanjai mamanikkoil will commence in Nov 2004. Again we are participating in a big way.

Invertor is being offered to Therazhudhur divya desam to overcome frequent electricity failures.

Donations have been given for Thuppul utsavam.

Posted on 14th april 2004.

Our Tamil New year wishes to all bhagvathas.

We are pleased to inform that necessary permission has been obtained for renovation of Thanjai neelamegap perumal kaimkaryam. Please read the appeal here and participate in this kaimkaryam. Even a token donation is also acceptable.( Little drops.. make a mighty ocean).

Our monthly commitment for various kaimkaryams is Rs 15,000/ at this time. We are running short of funds to meet this requirement. We would like to continue our kaimkaryams. We invite bhagavathas to support us.

We have participated in the famous Vedupari utsavam at Thiruvali-Thirunagari. It was indeed a great experience.We will present this in a video CD soon. If you are interested, please email us.

Posted on 5th March 2004

            During the month of January, we have been blessed to participate in many kaimkaryams. We have really enjoyed the Thirunangur 9 garuda sevai along with many bhagavathas. Now we have provided the garuda sevai in a slide show in the virtual tour page.

            Later in the month and in early Feb, one of the trustee member Smt Subha had been to many divya desams where our humble kaimkaryams are being done. Thirumanjanams were performed at Thalachchangadu, Nathan koil and Thanjai Mamanikkoil Neelamega perumal temple. She has also offered a silver kreedam for Thayar.Besides Smt Subha has captured the enthralling archas in her digital camera for the pleasure of our viewing. Just click on the links in this para for viewing them.Also new vastrams were given to vidhyarthis at Vaduvur veda patashala.She has been participating in many bhagavath and bhagavatha kaimkaryams with great enthusiasm. Stay on to read her tour experiences in our web page.

We have received Samprokshana invitation of SrI Manimadakkoil which will be held from 2nd Feb to 5th Feb.This is one the Thirunangur divya desams. We are participating in this kaimkaryam. Since the time is short,you can pledge your donations and we will include your offering in our contribution and send it to the temple straightaway. Later you can send in your donation to our trust. See the invitation here. If you want to participate mail me at rmvenkat@yahoo.com

Please enjoy the famous Thirunangur garuda sevai in a slide show from here

Posted on 25th Jan 2004 (about Thirunangur trip)

We arrived here this morning at 9-30 a.m safely.As planed we reach Thirunagari at 6'o clock after having short stay at Rly station Sri Aalinadan had arranged comfortable room for our stay.Both Sow Godha and Mr Santhanam enjoyed the trip well and felt great pleasure.I am very glad to witness Sow Godha's enthusiasm in visiting DDs and participating HIS festivals even in her younger age (27 or 28) Pl find the short note about our visit

Reach Thirunagari- after bath worship Shri Vayalali manavalan   and Alwar Moolavar- Break fast and leaving Thirunangoor by auto from 9-15 a.m to 12-30 noon we worshiped all the 5 temples except
Thirumanimadakoil where the Garuda servai  is taking place Lunch(at Thathiyaradhanai conducted by Sri Aalinadan) and took  rest till  3-00 p.m.at a mutt managed by Mr Thiruvengadam 3-00 p.m.to 5-30p.m Alwar Mangalaasasanam to all the 11 perumals ( each one pasuram)  9-00 worshiping all the perumals in the periya thiruvadi at mandapam   10-15 p.m  do-at gopuravasal on THEIR way to vedhi ula and again  at  streets around 12-00 midnight and leaving for Thirunagari for night halt

 After taking bath and coffee we went to Thirunangoor to pick up Mr Thiruvengadam  and went to Thalachangadu On our way we had Dharsanams at Thirumanikudam, Thirukkavalampadi, Paarthanpalli and Thirukuraiuloor
after Thalachangadu  we went to Annankoil via Keeshasalai we took our lunch at the Thadhiyarathanam at Sri Madhava Bhater's residence as per his niyamanam He felt happy to treat us.After a short break there we went to Thirunangoor and  worshiped  Sri Badhri Narayanan and returned to Thirunagari via Thiruvali  By above we had visited all the 13 DDs in and around Nangoor.We left Thirunagari  by 7-20 p.m. and reached Sri Thadalan sannadhi at 8-10 p.m and had a wonderful Dharsanam.Being THAI VELLI perumal and thayar were in one dais at thayar sannadhi and also we had a chance to see the Moolavar with full thirumeani  after taking our dinner at a canteen near by the temple we reached the station at 10-00 p.m and took rest till boarding and reached Tambaram at 9-15 a.m this morning as the train late for 90 mts,That was our visit.

Posted on 12th Jan 2004

We have received Thirunangur 11 Garuda sevai utsavam invitation. It will be held from midnight of 21st to mid night of 23rd. Thirumangai azhvar will start from Thirunagari visiting all the Thirunangur based divya desams and Thirukkuraiyalur and Thiru mangai madam and will finally reach HIS asthanam via Thiruvali. We are participating in this kaimkaryam.

We have received invitation of maha samprokshanam of Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva,narasimha,narayana swami temple at Thiru nagai divya desam. This will be held from 1st of Feb to 4th of Feb. We are also participating in this kaimkaryam.

On 8th Feb, we are planning to perform Thirumanjanam at Neela mega perumal koil, Thanjavour (thanjai maamanikkoil) and offer abharanams and silver kreedam for thayar. If you are in chennai and would like to attend this utsavam, you may contact me at rmvenkat@yahoo.com

adiyen's father visits the divya desams where our trust is doing nitya aradana kaimkaryam. Here is the brief details from his recent visit.

I arrived here this morning safely from my trip. Here are the details;-


I reached to PKT at 7-00 a.m Raghu group arrived at 8-00 a.m After taking bath and breakfast we purchased
garlands and flowers and went to Thillai'Vilagam at 9-50 a.m Thirumanjanam was very super with three items of  Thaligai i.e Sakkarai pongal, Puliyotharai and thaiyothanam besides Anjaneer vadai.The Bhater performed it very patiently and   took time about two hours.

After taking these prasadams as lunch we left to Nathankoil at1-45 p.m and reached there around 4-00p.m Had good dharsanam and left for Kabisthalam at 5-00p.m and reached there at 5-45 p.m The Bhater was in ready to perform thirumanjanam with a thaligai  of puliyotharai. It  took time more than one and half hours.We left from Kabisthalam  at 7-45 p.m and went straight to O.P.Koil without visiting Adhanur and Pullaputhankudy as per our original programme as we felt the temples  might had been closed. Taken dinner and rest

 At 5-00 a.m Viswaroopadharsanam at O.P.Koil Muguntha mama also joined us (He came from Trichy the previous night) After that we went to Thiruvelliangudy at 7-20 a.m and had very fine dhanur masa aradhana dharsanam.
 Then we went to Adhanur and Pullabuthankudi and Nachiyarkoil We finished dharsanams  at all these temples before 10-15 and reached O.P.Koil at 10-45 a.m till 12-00 noon we were watching Sravana deepam and took lunch
Raghu chitthappa group left Trichy via Thiruvayaru and Thanjai and Muguntha mama left for Chennai by bus .I was taking rest till 5-00p.m and had another round of dharsnam of Oppliappan and left by train at 8-00 p.m for chennai and reached  here safely.The expenditure at Kabisthalam is 750/-

I had received STD call from Sri Aali Nadan this morning he informed the dhanur mas pooja had performed all the temples we are doing kainkaryams. On 27th it took place at Annankoil and Thirunagari and the prasadams had given to Mr Sankar family when they were present on that day and at Vanpurushothaman,Vaikunthavinnagaram, Thiruvali and Keeshasalai are performed today (I include the Keeshasalai only for this at his request)

From this year at O.P.Koil a committee formed to do Dhanur masa aradhana and out of 30 sponsors required
26 had been filled Mr Bhadri suggested to take part one or two of remaining.It costs Rs 400/-per day. Booking this year will stand permanent.I think let us take one day in our own.What is your opinion? (adiyen is planning to take this for a day from personal funds)

During my present visit I had received two appeals which I feel may be considered

1 At Thillai Vilagam (abhimana sthalam)  till last month there is no cook permanently.Every person was posted   gone away because of paid low salary by HRCE (Rs 900/-)Now a man posted is willing   to work if Rs 1200/-may be paid.They are searching sponsors for the amount of Rs 300/-  (adiyen is committed for this also from personal funds)

2 At  Thiruvelliankudy divya desam four kala poojas are going on well with the help of some bhagavathas and H.H/Srimath Andavan swamigal.Yet there is a need of 1 litre milk for Aarhajama pooja  daily As some one was offering stopped recently.It costs 30x12 =Rs360/- p.m We are glad to inform that bhagavathas from Dubai have agreed to sponsor this kaimkaryam. (update on 12th Jan 04)