Kaimkaryam update on 1st Oct 2007

adiyen's father along with a group of devotees went to few divya desams around Kumbakonam and here is a brief note about the trip. The Highlights of the trip are

1. Silver Kavachams weighing about 4 kgs were offered to Sri Devi and Bhu devi Thayars (Moolavar) at Thirukkanna puram.

2. Donations were handed over for renovation of Sri Desikar sannidhi at Thiruchcherai divya desam.

3. Participation in Thirukkanna mangai Sri Desikar utsavam as 8th day utsavam is being sponsored by our trust

4. Participation in Thanjai maamanikkoil Purattasi utsavam on behalf our trust

5. Monthly thirumanjanam at Kabistalam divya desam on the day of sravanam.

Over to my father...

Best wishes I had been on 4 days visit from 20th to 23rd inst and the details as following

20/09/07 Morning reached Kumbakonam After bath and breakfast went to Thirucherai to visit the construction work of Sri Desikar Sannadhi to which we have decided to contribute Rs 25,000/-The works are in progress One Sri Rengarajan swamy is doing this kainakriyam taking full responsibility Then went to Nachiyarkoil and Oppiliappan koil and had very nice and calm dharsanam.

Next to went Devanarvilagam the avadhara sthalam of 43 rd Sri Aszhgiya singar On that day Sri Oppiliappan Usthavar was there and thirumanjanam was performed as part of mandakapadi of the estate.

In the evening went to Sri Sarangapani koil and had good dharsanam

21/09/07 Morning went to Thirukkannanmangai to attend our trust mandakapadi of Sri Desikar Usthavam. Utsavam went very well and students from Selaiyur veda patasala were present daily chanting vedam and Nalayira divya prabandham. Their recitation was a treat to ears.

Thirukkannnamangai Sri Desikar
Thirukkannnamangai Sri Hayagreevar

Sarrumurai goshti
Upayadharar mariyadhai

22/09/07  Dedication of silver kavacham for the bujam (arm) for Sri Devi and Sri Bhudevi moolavar thayars at Thirukkannapuram. The kavachams were made in silver weighing 4 kgs costing around Rs 91,000/-. The kavachams were brought to the temple with full honour and procession through 4 mada veedhis around the Pushkarani with an elephant was leading the urvalam. The temple authorities and one Sri Rengarajan of Sri Azhavar Narpani mandram made good arrangements.

<>23/09/07 Sravanam at O.P.Koil In the morning we went to Koshikuthi to worship Sri Vanamutty perumal where Maha Sampoorashanam was taken place recently The temple looks very beautiful and the PERUMAL's Thirumugam is wonderful.We had peaceful dharsanam Then we returned to O.P.Koil for Sravana deepam
After lunch  We went to Kabisthalam to perform Thirumanjanam (Monthly Sravanam)

Then went to Thanjaimamanikoil where the final day Sattrumurai of Sri Desikar Usthavam were taken place (see images of Perumal ,Desikar and hayagrivar)After spending little time went Junction for boarding

Sri NeelamegapperumaL Thanjai maamanikkoil
Sri Desikar

Sri Hayagreevar

If you are planning to visit any of these divya desams you may contact my father Sri K Ramadurai  044 22770754 for his guidance.