Thanjai mamanikkoil images

Offering of vastrams,abharanams and thirumanjanam Nov 02,2003

We are gearing up for renovation of this temple. See the condition of the temple here








Photo courtesy: Sri Sundarrajan,Bahrain

On Novemeber 2nd Our divya desa kainkarya trust has performed thirumanjanam for all the deities in Neelamega perumal koil at Thanjai divya desam. Popularly known as Thanjai maamanikkoil there are three temples with in a walking distance of 15 minutes in this kshetram. adiyongal went on a pilgrimmage in June'03 and we were shocked to know the current state of the temple. By the way our trust has undertaken Nitya aradana kaimkaryam at this temple since 2000. But there were no tilakam or thirumangalyam for the thayar and no new vastrams too. adiyen has appealed to bhagavathas and one bhagavatha by name Sri Velamoor Rajagopal came forward to offer the needs of this temple.

We have arranged for grand thirumanjanam with recitation of ubhaya vendanta ie Vedas and Tamil divya prabandhams. Then new vastrams were offered. Also tilakam/thiruman for the deities were offered. More importantly we are glad to adorn the thayar with new thirumangalya.

The details of the above images are given here briefly.

perumal 1: Before adorning the thiruman,tilakam
Perumal2 : After adorning the thiruman,tilakam
thayar1 : Thayar before offering tilakam
thayar2: Thirumangalya being adorned
thayar3: Thayar with new vastrams and tilakam etc
thirumanjanam 1,2: Images taken during thirumanjanam. The deities are perumal with ubhaya nachchiars, Thayar, Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva and Swami desika.

Sri Rajagopal's wife and in laws were present on the occasion and they were glad to participate in this kaimkaryam.If bhagavathas are coming forward we can do this in many divya desams often,where there is no income to do thirumanjanam or for new vastrams. Approx cost US dollars 100-150/ You can do this on your children's birthday, and your relatives from India can participate in the occasion.

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