Thiruppavai multimedia presentation

Welcome. In this page you can view flash files related to thiruppavai besides listening to the audio clips of entire thiruppavai. All you have to do is click on the current date in the calender below to view and listen the pasuram of the day.

Dec 16th
Margazhi 1
Margazhi thingal
Dec 17th
Vaiyaththu vaazzhveer
Dec 18th
Margazhi 3
Ongi ulagaLandha
Dec 19th
Margazhi 4
Azhi mazhai
Dec 20th
Margazhi 5
Mayanai mannu
Dec 21st
Margazhi 6
PuLLum silambina
Dec 22nd
Margazhi 7
keesu keesu
Dec 23rd
Margazhi 8
keezh vaanam
Dec 24th
Margazhi 9
thoomaNi maadaththu
Dec 25th
Margazhi 10
nOtruch chuvarkkam
Dec 26th
Margazhi 11
katruk kaRavai
Dec 27th
Margazhi 12
kanaiththu iLam
Dec 28th
Margazhi 13
puLLin vaay
Dec 29th
Margazhi 14
ungaL puzhakkadai
Dec 30th
Margazhi 15
ellE! iLam kiLiyE
Dec 31st
Margazhi 16
Naayakanaay ninRa
Jan 1st 2007
Margazhi 17
ambarame thaNNeerE
Jan 2nd
Margazhi 18
undhu madha kaLiRRan
Jan 3rd
Margazhi 19
kuththu viLakkeriya
Jan 4th
Margazhi 20
muppaththu moovar
Jan 5th
Margazhi 21
Etra kalangaL
Jan 6th
Margazhi 22
aNGkaN maaNYaa
Jan 7th
Margazhi 23
maari malai
Jan 8th
Margazhi 24
anRu ivvulagam
Jan 9th
Margazhi 25
oruththi maganaay
Jan 10th
Margazhi 26
maalE! maNivaNNaa
Jan 11th
Margazhi 27
koodaarai vellum
Jan 12th
Margazhi 28
Jan 13th
Margazhi 29
sitram siRu kaalE
Jan 14th
Margazhi 30
vangak kadal

Images courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan koil authorities and Sri Mukund.
Audio courtesy: HMV.