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About me...

My name is Venkataraghavan.R (dasan) and I was born in Thiruvahendrapuram, a divya desam near Cuddalore,Tamil Nadu.Born in Tamil year Visvaavasu on a vikAsi visAkam (15th May 1965).My mother wanted to name me as "vakuLabaraNan"  since i was born on the day of nammazhvar thirunakshatram, but i believe my father preferred my present name.My paternal grandfather is from ANdikkadu, a hamlet in Thanjavour district. adiyen is indeed blessed to born in the lineage of Sri Andikkadu swami (Sri VangIpuram swami). You can read a brief article about this acharya here

Thirty four years later I (adiyen) have performed Bhara samarpaNam at the lotus feet of Srimad Azhagiya singer in this Divya desam, and Sri.Anand Karalappakkam was instrumental in guiding me through to understand (little bit) our matchless Sampradayam and perform prapatti. I would recommend you to read his excellent articles on our sampradayam at the ahobila mutt site,under the heading About Srivaishnavam.

The internet has helped me a lot personally to understand our sampradayam and this way i have developed a keen interest to read and serve the bhagavathas and perumal in every possible way. This web page is a small dedication to our sampradayam and adiyen seeks the blessings of divya dhampathis to guide me through to make my humble attempt successful.

Regarding my loukika life by profession i am a mechanical engineer, cost accountant and a post graduate in Business Administration. Currently i am working in Gulf as a senior Mechanical Engineer in a leading Consultancy firm.I welcome on behalf of our Satsangh, any one of you travelling from West to Far East or India or vice versa to make a stop over at here and spend some time with our satsangh members.

Hope you will enjoy these pages assembled by me. I assure you to include more and more interesting articles in the coming months.

Thank you for your interest.

adiyen dasan,

VangIpuram R.Venkat (click on the name to see couple of images of mine)

Updated on 12th Nov 2003.