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The following Web pages provide information on Srivaishnava sampradayam.Please visit them and read the rich contents to get a glimpse our the glorious Bhagavad Ramanuja Darshanam.If you are  aware of any other useful site please inform me by email with URL of the page.

This list will be updated regularly. If you found any of the link provided below is not working please send a note. Please note that the sites are randomly arranged and not on ranking basis.

Web masters of other srivaishnava sites are welcome to have a link here on reciprocal basis.


Mutts/Ashrams (ahobila mutt,Andavan ashramam,Poundripuram andavan)

Temples (Ranganatha USA,Divya desams,Venugopala)

Acharyas (Desika,Ramanuja,Manavala  maamuni,Uttamur swami,Seva Swami)

Srivaishnava web pages from West (Ramanuja mission,Sri.Mani,Sri.Venkatesh)

Stotras,Prabandhams etc.

Other Srivaishnava Pages -General 
Mutts/Ashrams (ahobila mutt,Andavan ashramam,Poundripuram andavan)

Ahobila mutt web page Tons and tons of information about ahobila mutt, one of the oldest mutts involved in spreading srivaishnavam. Enjoy the stotras,realaudios and picture tour.

Srimad Poundripuram andavan ashramam A Dedicated site on Srimad Poundripuram andavan ashramam.

Srimad andavan ashramam A dedicated site on Srimad Andavan ashramam.

SrI Parakala mutt: One of the oldest mutts of srivaishnava sampradayam.

Temples (Ranganatha USA,Divya desams,Venugopala)

108 Divya Desams sung by Azhvars You may want to see the another site by adiyen on Divya desam and srivaishnava temples. Look for rare images,travel information and read the divya prabandham arranged divya desam wise. ( Under construction)

Srivilliputtur Home page A Dedicated site on Srivilliputtur divya desam

Site dedicated to Sri.Venugopala swami temple of Malleswaram,Bangalore

Information on divya desams and azhvars: Information about azhvars and divya desams-Enjoy famous Tamil writer sujatha's articles on azhvars! 

SrI Ranganatha Temple USA. Excellent Temple in New York. Must see!!

Thuppul divya desam.

Acharyas (Desika,Ramanuja,Manava maamuni,Uttamur swami)

Sri Ramanuja home page A dedicated site on Bhagavad Ramanuja 

Swami Desikan's home pageThis home page is about swami Desikan. A great acharya in the post Ramanuja time who established the visishtadvaitic philosophy in a firm footing.

Manavala maamuni's Home page  Sri Manavala maamuni' Home page

SrI Uttamoor Swami: Site dedicated to Swami.Please support the ongoing project of publishing swami's books.

SrI Mudaliandan swami: Resourceful page from SrI K.M.Shanthakumar of Hydrabad.

Seva Swamy: Web Page dedicated to SrI.Seva swamy,one of the great SrI vaishnava scholars of recent past. New

Srivaishnava web pages from  West

Ramanuja mission,USA  Utilise the unique e match serivice for free,A good site with lots of information about Srivaishnava sampradayam.

Srivaishnava Home Page One of the best sites of srivaishnavisam. Must read. Enjoy the contents and get involved in the daily discussions in the bakthi email group. Maintained by Sri.Mani

Sri.Venkatesh's srivaishnava home page  Sri.Venkatesh Elayavalli's home page. Very good site with good information about various vaishnava acharyas and please visit the saranagathi pages.

SrI Mukundan Pattangi's Home page:Excelent page.Don't miss the wonderful recitations of SrI Manavala mamuni's prabandhams and SrI Velukkudi Krishan's recorded upanyasams.

Stotras,Prabandhams etc.

Prapatti online Lots of stotras in Tamil,Sanskrit,English and Telugu too.Enjoy audio clips of swamy desika stotrams

Thiruvaymozhi siteA great site on Thiruvaaymozhi by Smt Sheela Belur(look around for lots of useful sites/utilities here)

T.R.Chari's stotra page This stotra page is being maintained by Sri.T.R.Chari of canada.Lots of stotras in mutiple languages.

Web page dedicated to Vishnu Sahasra namam.

Other Srivaishnava Pages -General

Another srivaishnava site with some good tamil articles about divya desams.Maintained by Prof.T.A.S. Vijayaragavan.

Sri Kainkarya: An excellent site for Sri vaishnavas.Must see!! New

Srivaishanvan: An excellent site from Bangalore.

Matrimonial serivice for srivaishnavas:Site dedicated to matrimonial service.Large data base and well maintained.Must see!!

Srivaishnava site by Sri.Venkataramanan.

Another site useful for Srivaishnavas

Web masters of other srivaishnava sites are welcome to have a link here on reciprocal basis.

Azhagiya singar thiruvadigale saranam.

Venkataraghava dasan. (Click here to read a brief note about me)