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The following Compact Discs have been made over the past 2,3 years to serve the bhagavathas around the world. Our humble attempt has been a great success with the blessings of Lord Sriman Narayana and merciful acharyas and your support.

Please note that we haven't fixed a price tag to any of these titles. All the production costs are underwritten and your generous donation will help us to do daily pooja or nitya aradanam in Divya desams. You may wish to learn about this more. Go here.

Sl No
Sample clip
Brief details
1 Divya prabandham MP3 amalanaadhipiran (part) 299 mp3 clips of entire 4000 with taniyan and vazhi thirunamam of both sampradayams. More detail
2 Desika prabandham MP3 prabandha saram Complete desika prabandham in mp3 and script of desika prabandham and stotras in tamil,English and sanskrit languages. More details
3 Pancha suktam and Taitiriiyopanishad Audio Taitiriiyopanishad Pancha suktam and first prashnam of Taitiriiyopanishad. Recited by Sri C V Raman swami chennai
4 Srimad Bhagavad gita
(4 chapters) and 5 Sri Desika stotras
Audio Gita11 Recited by Sow Vidhya venkat a ten year old girl.You must believe it!

We would humbly request your help in serving divya desams for which you can make a small donation and have the above CDs. We have shipping arrangements with in USA,India, Far east and Middle east. Please send an email to rmvenkat@yahoo.com with your complete postal address. I will respond with in 24 hours.