Dec 02:

Acharyas images (rare !)have been added in images gallery.

New images has been added in Divya desam virtual tour page for thirumalirum cholai,kudalur, Thirukkulandhai,kannapuram,Thirukkurugur,kudanthai,Thiruvallikkeni divya desams.

SrI Desika gadyam has been added in Stotras page.

Meaning for Divya prabandham Periazhvar thirumozhi irandam paththu has been added.

Nov 02:

Thiruppalliyezhchchi meaning has been added.Check the Divya prabandham/ Meaning link.

Image of our stotra padam goshti has been added.

New images have been added in divya desam virtual tour page.(Thirukkannapuram,venkatam,Vinnagar and Thirukkoshtiyur.

Now we have mp3 CDs of both divya and desika prabandham.See home page for details.

Oct 02:

Swami desikan thirunakshatram celebrations went on well.Click here to read about the function and to see the images of the function and children were given prizes for Stotra recitation competition and a quiz on the life of swami desika.Click here to see the children.

Divya desam virtual tour pages has been updated.Anbil,Thiruvellari and Thiruppernagar pages added.

Sep 02:

Thuppul Mani Mandapam pictures have been added.

Life history of Swami desikan has been added.Good writeup for children and beginers.

Meaning for SrI Desika sahasra namam has been added.

Some intresting articles on Srivaishnava sampradayam has been added.

Aug 2002.

Updated for Thiurvaadippooram. Audio clips have been added for the entire Tiruvaradhanam procedure.

More desika stotras have been updated.

July 2002:

Divya desam virtual tour page has been updated.More desika stotras have been added in PDF format.

We are glad to inform that the entire collection of swami desika stotras are now available in our site.(Stotras page).Garuda panchashat has been added on 25th July 2002(Adi Sravanam).

Links  for amavaasya tarpaNam mahaLaya tarpanam etc has been added in stotras page.

Meaning for Periazhvar thirumozhi mudhal patthu has been added.See Divya prabandham link(Meaning)

More desika prabandham's are now available in Malayalam script.

SrI Kulashekara azhvar's Mukunda maalaa has been added in stotras page.

Upakarma and Gayatrii Japam procedure has been added.Go to Upakarma link on the navigation bar.

achchuta shatakam in prakrut language,tamil and Roman text has been added in stotras page.

New images has been added in Divya desam virtual tour page.

Dear friends, 2 important announcements:Sanskrit and tamil scripted stotras are being provided in PDF format for easy reading(no hassle to download and install fonts).Swami desika  stotras are being parsed (esp tamil version)for easy rectiation.Visit Stotras page.

June 2002:

Updated on 27th June(Sravanam)

Nyasa tilakam has been added in stotras page.Vishnu Sahasra namam has been updated.

Updated on 21st June.(Sri Periazhvar thirunakshatram)

Sri Manavala maamuni's Yatiraja Vimshati and Sri.Koorataazhvan's Sristava has been added in the stotras page.

Swami desika's Nyasa vimshati has been added in the stotras page.Chatus sloki,sristuthi,Bhu stuthi and Godha stuthi has been updated.

Updated on 12Th June.(Thirunakshatram of Srirangam Srimad Andavan.Vaikasi Thiruvadhirai)

Maanaseeka aradhanam mp3 audio clip has been added.Visit Worship link on the Navigation bar.

Most of the desika prabandhams are now available in  in kannada and Sanskrit Desika prabandham link on the left side menu bar.Roman text versions are updated.Two more prabandhams has been added in Malayalam version.

Enitre Desika prabandham is now available in Audio format.Choose audio link on the desika prabandham menu.

May 2002:

Simple english meaning for purusha suktam has been added.(Stotras page)

Now entire Mudhal aayiram (First thousand) pasurams are available in Kannada script.Roman text and  Devanagarai pages are updated.

Iramanuja noorandhadhi and Tirmalai prabandhams in  Telugu has been added.
Meaning for divya prabandham has been added.

Koyil Thiruvaymozhi is separately available in pdf.Goto Divya prabandham link.

Azhvar thirunagari nava garuda sevai details has been added in divya desam/Travel info page.(20th May).Travel information Sholingur divya desam has been added.

Tirvaaraadhana kramam has been updated.Details for Special tiruvaaraadhanam has been added(like Sri rama navami,Sri Krishna jayanti etc).Our sincere thanks to SrI IVK Chary swamin and SrI Vangipuram Satyanarayana swamin of Kuwait for their inputs.

Stotras page updated.Devanaayaka panchaashat, Bhu Stuthi and sharanagati diipika stotrams have been added.

Hope you will like the fresh look of the site with new flash files!

Desika prabandham in kannada,sanskrit,malayalam scripts have been added for 4 prabandhams.

Now You can receive regular site updates by subscribing to our News Letter.See Home page for details.

April 2002:

Encoding of Desika prabandham has been completed in Tamil and Roman text versions.Also meanings of dp.

Sandhya vandanam procedure has been added in Roman text,Tamil (with consonants) and Sanskrit with swara marks on this sacred day of Sri Madhura kavi azhvar thirunakshatram(26th April 2002)

Audio pages have been updated.Enjoy Selected verses of Ramanuja noorandhadhi set to music.

Divya desam virtual tour pages have been updated.Don't miss the sevai of Thiruvallur veeraraghava perumal in the New pandiyan kondai

Worship procedure/Thiruvaradhana kramam(ijyaa) has been added on this sacred day of SrI Ramanuja jayanthi.Choose Worship link to view.

Feed back on the Divya prabandham CD has been added.Click here to read them.

Telugu versions of thiruppalliyezhucchi and thiruppavai added in diyva prabandham page.Now you can read entire divya prabandham in Malayalam script.

Swami desika's Rahasya trayam saram added in Philosophy page.More desika storas added.

e panchangam updated for the entire tamil year Chirta banu( April 2002 to April 2003)with important dates

Divya desam virtual tour pages have been updated.

Periazhvar thirumozhi mudhal and iraNdaam patthu kannada version added and roman text and sanskrit versions have been updated.

The Hindu article on our satsangh activities and a new writeup on our current kaimkaryams has been added in Introudction page.

March 2002 (very active month,indeed..)

Bhagavad Ramanuja's gadya trayam  has been added in sanskrit and kannada scripts in Stotras page. sample audio clips too..

Pancha suktam has been added in Kananda and Roman text scripts in stotras page.

SrI Peria vachchan pillai's Pasurappadi ramayanam has been added in Divya prabandham page.

Nachchiar thirumzohi and Thirumalai  in kannada script added in divya prabandham page.Sanskrit and roman text versions has been updated.

Life History of Srivaishnava acahryas has been updated in Acharyas page

SrI Alavandar's stotra ratnam and chatushloki has been added in stotras page.

Five more desika stotras and Meaning for dasavathara stotram have been added in stotras page

Travel information to Thirunangur divya desam and 11 Garuda sevai,Detailed travel information to Vada nadu divya desams and Dwarakai  has been added in divya desam page.

Ten prabandhams of swami desika is available in audio format.Goto Desika prabandham page.
Favourite links page has been updated

Feb 2002:
More audio clips to desika prabandham page!
Vishnu sahasra nama stotram and more desika stotras added in Stotras page.
Malai nadu divya desa travel details added in divya desam travel page
Desika prabandham now available in multiple languages and in audio.visit desika prabandham link on the menu bar.

Jan 2002:
Desika prabandham audio page here to visit
Improved version of Gadya trayam added.
ePanchangam published.
New search engine added.

Dec 2001:
Parakala mutt web page added in the favourite links page.
Purusha suktam pdf version and tamil version added in the stotras page.

Nov 2001:
Divya prabandham is now available in all south indian languages in addition to sanskrit.Visit Divya prabandham link for details.
Garuda dandakam added in stotras page.
Bhagavad gita and divya desam pages are now redesigned.Hope you will enjoy the fresh look.
Intoduction,Image gallery pages are updated.Enjoy the shock wave animations of Dasavatharam and Azhvars.

Oct 2001:

Entire divya prabandham is now available in real audio format.You can purchase a CD also for offline hearing.
Search engine added for this site.
New images have been added in divya desam virtual tour pages.
Srimukams of Srimad Azhagiya singar and Sri Velukkudi Krishnan has been added.

May 2001:

Entire Thiruvaymozhi is now available in real audio format.Visit our audio gallery for details.This completes 3000 pasurams of Divya prabandham in Real Audio

April 2001:

Entire divya prabandham is now available in font free version.No need to download and install any fonts.Click here to see for yourself.

Entire Peria thirumozhi and first decad of Thiruvaymozhi are now availble on Real audio.

Azhvar and acharya thirunakshatrams in Tamil Year "Vishu" have been compiled and posted. click here to start.

March 2001:

Real audio of entire Mudhal aayiram and 70% of Peria thirumozhi are now available. click here to start.

Raghu veera gadyam and Shodashaayudha stotram are added in stotras page.Don't miss real audio of Raghuveera gadyam.

Bhajans  added (Sung by Smt Radha vijaykumar.)

February 2001:

Lots and lots of additions and enhancements are in progress.Most important ones are listed here.

Real Audio of most of the Mudhal aayiram or First thousand are available now.Clickhere to start.
Sanskrit encoding of Divya Prabandham has been completed. Want to see.Go here.
Purusha sUktam has been added in Stotras Page.
Now you can lookat our members and know more about them, may be you will locate your old friend in our goshti. Don't forget to see them.
Listen to Vaazhi thirunamam of Srimad Azhagiya singar, my acharya.

January 2001

Divya desam and audio pages added.
English meaning for Thiruppavai added.
Srisuktam added in stotraas page.
Mission statement revised.See index page.

November 2000

Search engine added.Now you can search any information from this page or the Web without leaving the site.
English meaning for Peria thirumozhi ( compiled from Bhakti list archives) in progress.
Index and Introduction Pages updated.
Audio links added for Stotra page.
Write up on Sri Manavala maamuni thirunakshatram celebration added.

October 2000

Swami desikan prabandhams added.
Acharyas page added.
Audio linksfor Sri.Manavala maamuni prabandhams added

September 2000

Divya prabandam in devanagari script added.
Desika stotras uploaded. Enjoy the Tamil version with consonants.
Image gallery is updated with lots of Pictures.
FAQ page added.

August 2000

Bhagavad Ramanuja's Vedartha sangraha added.
Writeup on Srimad Bhagavad gita by Sri.Velukkudi Krishnan is complete now.

July 2000

Current satsangh details are added.
Bhagavad gita is complete now.
Stotras page added.
Religious calender added.
Naalaayira divya prabandham is complete now.
Introduction,Favorites pages are throughly revised.