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Vishnu Sahasranamam
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Sambhavana kramam

Welcome to our Stotras Page. You will be able to read SrI Alavandar's stotras,Bhagavad Ramanuja's gadya trayam,Swami Desikan's stotras,Pancha suktam,Vishnu sahasranamam and anushta kramam etc in multiple languages like Tamil,Sanskrit,English and Kannada.These pages are constantly being updated.Do share your thoughts in our Guest book. 

Dasan venkat.



One special note about the Tamil version. We have provided the script with consonants ie the sanskrit kha,ga and gha are written with a number subscript/superscript  2,3,4 respectively below the corresponding Tamil letter, since in Tamil we have only one "ka". This will help to pronounce the sanskrit slokams in a better way. Tamil version is provided in Adhawin font. Download the font from here. The sanskrit version is provided in Sanskrit New font.The english version is provided in itrans format. The transliteration rule for itrans can be viewed here.

Attention IE users:Please set your font encoding(View/Fonts/Encoding) to User defined for proper viewing of sanskrit and tamil pages.

The Pancha suktams and Taitiriiyopanishat are presented with anudhaaththa,swaritha,dhIrgha markings which will help you to recite them with correct pronounciation. These documents are provided in PDF format and you will require Acrobat Reader which can be freely downloaded from their home page at

Hope you will enjoy our collection. I am really counting on your feed back and encouragement.Do visit my guest book and leave your comments and suggestions. Thanks for your interest. 

adiyen dasan, 

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SrI Alavandhar
SrI Alavandhar's Stotra Ratnam Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
SrI Alavandhar's ChatuH slokiH Itrans Tamil Sanskrit audio

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Bhagavad Ramanuja's Gadya Trayam

Saranagathy Gadyam  Sanskrit Kannada Tamil English Text Meaning
Sriranga Gadyam  Sanskrit  Kannada  Tamil  English Text Meaning 
Vaikunda Gadyam  Sanskrit Kannada Tamil English Text Meaning
Click here to listen to Gadya trayams (external link) 

Gadya trayam audio: Saranagathy gadyam,Sri ranga gadyam,Sri vaikunta gadyam

(Sample audio clips only. Recited by SrI.M.A.Venkata krishnan swami,Chennai. Courtesy:Chakrika Audios)

Read Sri Periavachchan pillai's commentry for Gadya trayam here.

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Click to read simple,brief meaning for each of the stotra in English: Desika stotramala meaning

Swami Desika's Stotra Mala
Daya shatakam Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Nyasa dashakam Itrans Tamil Sanskrit Audio
Hayagriiva Stotram Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Dasaavataara Stotram  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit Meaning Upd
Sudarshanashtakam Itrans Tamil Sanskrit Audio
Sristuti Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Kaamaasikashtakam  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit Audio
Gopala Vimsati  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Bhagavadyana Sopanam  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
ShoDashaayudha Stotram  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit Audio
Goda Stuti Itrans Tamil Sanskrit Meaning Upd
Yatiraja Saptati  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Raghuveera Gadyam   New
Itrans Tamil  Sanskrit Audio
Garuda dandakam Itrans Tamil  Sanskrit
shrii abhiitistvam  Itrans Tamil  Sanskrit
Vairaagya panchakam Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Shrii aShTabhujaaShTakam Itrans Tamil Sanskrit Audio
Vegasetu stotram  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Parmartha stuti  Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Varadaraja panchAshat Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Dehaliisa stutiH itrans Tamil Sanskrit
BhU stutiH itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Devanaayaka panchaashat itrans Tamil Sanskrit
sharaNaagati diipika itrans Tamil Sanskrit
nyAsa vimshati itrans Tamil Sanskrit
nyAsa tilakam itrans Tamil Sanskrit
achchuta shatakam(achchuya sayayam) itrans Tamil Sanskrit

Garuda panchashat itrans Tamil Sanskrit

SrI Padukaa sahasram (external link) Roman Tamil Sanskrit New
Desika Mangalam Itrans Tamil Sanskrit
Desika gadyam
itrans Tamil Sanskrit New
Click here to listen to Desika stotras and Desika mangalam in MP3 player(external link)


                    shrii ki~NgR^ihesha stuthi                                    itrans      Tamil      Sanskrit   Meaning      Audio  New

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Pancha sUktam
Purusha sUktam Sanskrit Tamil Doc Roman text Kannada
SrI sUktam  Sanskrit Tamil Doc Roman text Kannada
bhU,nILA sUktam  Sanskrit Tamil Doc Roman text Kannada

Click here to read simple english meaning of purusha sUktam. New

Caution:These vedic recitals should be learned from a qualified vidhwan and the text provided can only be used as a learning guide.

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Vishnu Sahasranamam Text Tamil Sanskrit

Click here  for a meaning for each name of the Lord (external link)

Tiruvaradhana kramam (ijyaa)
Sandhya vandanam (Yajur)    Rig veda           Sama veda    New
Gayatrii JapaM
amavasya tarpanam **
mahaaLaya shraaddham **
pratyaabtika shraaddham **
pitru paramparyaa **

** External links:Courtesy: Sri TR Chary,Canada.


Shiixavalli Sanskrit Tamil


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Stotras of other srivaishnava acharyas

Sri Kuratazhvan's sristava: Tamil,Sanskrit,Roman text

Sri Manavala maamuni's Yatiraja vimsati:Tamil,Sanskrit,Roman text

SrI Kulashekara azhvar's Mukunda maalaa:Tamil,Sanskrit,Roman text    Audio  NEW

Sri pa~nchayudha stotram Tamil,Sanskrit,Roman text

Sri dvadasha nama pancharam Tamil,Sanskrit,Roman text

Sambhavana kramam        Tamil,Sanskrit,Roman text

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