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shriimaanh veNkaTa naathaaryaH kavitaarkika kesarii | 
vedaantaa chaarya varyome sannidhattaaM sadaahRidi ||
Srimathe ramanujaya namaha 

Welcome. In this page we will summerise the various audio and multimedia links that are scattered elsewhere. The idea is audio lovers are provided of all relevent links in one place for quick browsing.

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Tributes to Ramanuja
Ramanuja nURandhadhi
Ramanuja Mangalam

Thiruppavai mulimedia presentation with audio is here. NEW

Sowmya's recitation of Srimad Azhagiya singar's taniyan  NEW

Divya prabandham in Real Audio

Mudhal aayiram,Peria thirumozhi,Thiruvaaymozhi,Iyarpa ( 4000 pasurams and 32 hours of audio session) Recitation by Srimans N.R.Ananth and N.R.Narayanan.

Desika Prabandham in Real Audio

Now the entire audio version of Divya prabandham is available in a CD. Click here for details 
Desika stotras:
Godha stuti: Recited by Sri.IVK Chary of Kuwait.
Daya shatakam : Recited by Sri.IVK Chary of Kuwait.
Yatiraja saptati :Recited by Sri.R.Narayanan of Bahrain.
Raghuveera gadyam: Recited by Sri.N.Veeraraghavachariar

Thiruppavai:Part1,Part2,Part3   Rendered by Sri.Venkata Krishnan swamin, Chennai 
Divya prabandham for each divya desam.  Recited by Sri.Sevelimedu swamy. 
Other resources: Vazhi thirunamams for Bhagavad Ramanuja,Srimad Azhagiya singar etc 
Bhajans sung by Smt.Radha Vijaykumar 
Also refer to Stotras Page for other external real audio and mp3 links of Swami Desikan Stotras and Prabandhams.You can also download a free MP3 player from this page.

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