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July 2016

Yajur upakarma (18th August) and Gayatri Japam (19th Aug) sankalpam details have been updated.

We are now providing this information for the 19th year in a row. Now with numerous web sites and smartphone applications, these details may not be of great demand. However we are continuing our kaimkaryam of serving srivaishnavas across the globe. If you happen to read this and download the procedures, I would appreciate if you could spare a minute to sign our guest book, so that we can judge the reach of our web page. Thanks

August 2015

Yajur upakarma (29th August) and Gayatri Japam (30th Aug) sankalpam details have been updated.

March 2015

We are delighted to present English translation in poetic form for divya prabandham. See link here


August 2014
Yajur Upakarma and Gayatri japam sankalpam details have been updated for the year 2014. This year Yajur upakarma is on 10th August and Gayatri Japam on 11th August. Quick link here: Upakarma   Gayatri Japam

Dec 2013

We had wonderful sevakalam on the auspicious occasion of 45th Pattam Srimad Azhagiya singar on 11/12/13 (see the date sequence, the last such sequence of this century).

We have updated the divya prabandham pages of Tamil and Text with inclusion of another taniyan in praise of SrI AdiVaN satakOpa jeeyar.

We have moved to a new server which is supposed to be more reliable. The IP address is different from the earlier one. Hope this will benefit all of us!

Finally, wishing Happy Danur masa Thiruppavai goshTi and New Year.

August 2013

Yajur Upakarma and Gayatri japam sankalpam details have been updated for the year 2013. This year Yajur upakarma is on 20th August and Gayatri Japam on 21st August. Quick link here: Upakarma   Gayatri Japam

April 2013

Thillai vilgam samprokshanam was conducted in a grand manner on 29th March 2013. Images here.

Dec 2012

Kaimkaryam page has been updated with current details of kaimkaryams.

Sep 2012

Smt Subhashini Narasimhan's tour experinces of Bhadrachalam, Mattapalli, Mangalagiri, Vedadri and Kethavaram temples have been added. Excellent trip to Various Nrusimhar temples and Sri Rama temple. Read here

July 2012

Upakarama and Gayatri Japam Sankalpam details have been updated for 2012. See Upakarma page for details

Apologies for lack of updates. We are working on various updates and will be announced soon. If any one can provide me tools to convert tamil documents made in Adhawin to Unicode format without the pain of retyping please contact me. We have ideas to provide tamil documents in multiple platforms.

Kaimkaryams are going on well in many divya desams and this page needs update with current details. Will be done shortly.

Aug 2011

Upakarama and Gayatri Japam Sankalpam details have been updated for 2011. See Upakarma page for details.

We apologise for the server break down for about 3 weeks due to problems with service provider. Problems have been sorted out as we hear from our host and thank you for the support and enquiries.

Tomorrow is Thiru Adippooram and besides the thiru nakshatram of Sri Andal, it is birth anniversary for our web site too. 12th Anniversary.

Sep 2010

Kaimkarayam page has been updated.

August 2010

Kaimkaryam page has been updated.

Upakarma sankalpam details have been updated.

July 2010
Kaimkaryam page has been updated. New kaimkaryams in Thiruvelliyangudi, Pullambhuthangudi and Thiruchcherai divya desams. Link here

March 2010

Stotra page updated with audio versions of raghuveera gadyam and mukunda mala. Listen to them and enjoy.

Quick links Raghuveera gadyam     Mukunda mala

Our trust has performed thirumanjanam at Thiruvelliyangudi on Sri Rama navami day. See the images here

November 2009

We are glad to inform that the samprokshanam of Thanjai mamanikkoil went on very well on 1st Nov 2009. Here are the images for your pleasure of viewing

October 2009

We are glad to announce the samprokshanam of Thanjai maamanik koil. Invitation is here and we would appreciate your participation.

September 2009

Happy Vijaya dasami wishes to all devotees. Please read and enjoy wonderful travel diary of Sri Varadan about his Krishna Anu Yatra. Link here

July 2009

We had wonderful thiruvadippooram sevakalam this year. Go here to see some of the images taken during the function. (updated on 27th July 2009)

Today is Thirvadippooram and it is ninth anniversary to our web site. (25 july 2009). On this auspicious day, upakarma and Gayatri japam details have been updated for this year which falls on 5th and 6th Aug respectively.

Kaimkaryam details have been updated. Images on current status of Thanjai mamanikkoil has been added. Link

May 2009

Sorry for long absence. We have added an excellent article on ariyar sevai and read from here.

As you are aware 46th Azhagiya singar has been appointed and you can have divine image of both peria and chinna azhagiya singar here

Dec 08

Sorry for the infrequent updates. Hopefully in the coming year you will see more contents are being added regularly.

Virtual tour pages have been updated.

July 08

We are glad to inform that Sevilimedu Rajagopuram has been completed and Samprokshanam was performed last month.

Upakarma and Gayatri Japam sankalpam details have been updated for 2008. Links in the main page (Upakarma)

June 08

We are glad to inform that renovation works are going on well at Thanjai mamanikkoil and we would appreciate your participation. Read appeal here

There is another appeal for renovation works at Kothimangalam. This is a small and little known village and kaimkaryams are going on for many years. They need your help to keep their good deeds going further. Read the appeal here and support

April 08

We wish a very Happy Tamil New Year greetings to all of You. (13th April 2008)

Please participate in Renovation kaimkaryam of Thanjai Maamanikkoil. Read the appeal here.

Smt Subashini Narasimhan's tour experiences of Kerala based divya desams has been added. Quick link

We have commenced nitya aradana kaimkaryam in Thiruvali and Parthan PaLLi divya desams.

Renovation works have commenced at Thanjai Mamanik koil (Sri Neelamegap perumaL). See Kaimkaryam page

Jan 08

We wish all bhagavathas a Very Happy New Year.

New invertor has been offered at Adhanur and Pullambhuthangudi temples on 30th Dec 2007. See images here.Adhanur Pullambhuthangudi

Divya desa tour experiences of a devotee has been added here

Nov 07

Piratti vaibhavam upanyasam has been added. Listen from here. You will require Real Player which can be freely downloaded from here.

Oct 07

1. Silver Kavachams weighing about 4 kgs were offered to Sri Devi and Bhu devi Thayars (Moolavar) at Thirukkanna puram.

2. Donations were handed over for renovation of Sri Desikar sannidhi at Thiruchcherai divya desam. More details and images are here

AUG 07

Upakarma and Gayatri Japam sankalpam details have been updated for 2007. Quick links are here. Upakarama Gayatri Japam

Kaimkaryam updates

1. New vattils have been offered at Kabistalam and thirumanjanam was performed for perumal and thaayar on Sravanam (26/08/07).
2. Please help us to support the renovation kaimkaryam at Thiruchcherai divya desam. Read appeal here
3. Our trust will be participating in Thirukkanna mangai Sri Desikar utsavam (8th Day).Read the invitation here and do participate.

Srivilliputtur sri Andal utsavam images have been added. Wonderful and divine. Don't miss it. Quick link here

July 07

Finally I have managed to write a brief note about our trip to many divya desams. Please read here.

We had wonderful trip to many divya desams in Pandiya nadu and Chozha nadu during June-July 2007. Our virtual tour pages have been updated with more images for many temples. Please have a look at wonderful collection of perumal/temple images. It will be a visual treat for sure.

We have now updated our kaimkaryam link with more information and contact details of our coordinators in every temple. Your inputs are welcome.

May 07

Sri Aravind's tour experiences to Sholingur divyadesam and valuable tips for visiting Kerala based divya desams have been added.

We have offered an invertor for Sri Anbil divya desam. See Image

April 07

The Tamil New Year Sarvajit begins on 14th April and our wishes to all bhagavathas for a happy and healthy New Year. On this occasion our epanchangam has been updated for Sarvajit Tamil Year with ekadasi, sravanam, amavasyai, pournami and selective thirunakshatrams of Azhvars and acharyas. Quick link here

Feb 07

Tour experiences of Sri Varadhan about his Salagramam Nepal (Mukthinath) has been added. Quick link

Jan 07:

Our New year wishes to all bhagavathas.

Divya desam virtual tour pages have been updated. Sirupuliyur has been added in Chozha nadu.

Dec 06

Danur masam is just approaching and we have added thiruppavai in multimedia for this grand occasion. Quick link here.

Nov 06

Audio gallery has been updated.

Srimad Azhagiya singar's sadabhishekam (80th Thirunakshatram) went off in a grand manner in Srirangam. Few images of this grand event are here

Bhagavad gita chapter 6 audio clip has been provided. Listen from here

Sep 06

Our greetings on this auspicious Sri Krishna Jayanthi. We have added telugu version of Sri Desika prabandham. Quick link here.

Aug 06

We have offered silver satari for Ramar sannidhi in Medavakkam temple. See dinamalar clipping here.

Nandavanam has been completed in Therazhundhur divya desam and devotees are requested to visit during their trip.

Jul 06

Upakarma details have been updated for the year 2006. Visit upakarma link on the menu bar.

Virtual tour pages have been added for Thiruppullani divya desam and updated for Thirumeyyam and Srivilliputtur divya desams. Go here

Adhanur Dwajasthambam kaimkaryam has been successfully completed with the blessings of HH Srimad Azhagiya singar.

APR 06

Travel information pages have been updated with a write up on Salagramam trip. Read here

Our Tamil New year wishes to all bhagavathas. Our religious calender has been updated till next Tamil new year with all imporatant dates, festivals. Please visit here.

On this auspicious day of Panguni uththiram (11th April 06), we are pleased announce inclusion of Kingruhesa stuthi in audio. Listen from here.

Mar 06

An Invertor and a Siren has been installed in Pullambuthangudi divya desam. Another invertor in SriVanpurushottamam.

Nandavanam works are progressing well in Therazhundhur.

Feb 06

Flower garden works are progressing well at Therazhundur. Bore well work has been completed and good water yield reported. Planting to commence shortly.

Virtual tour (Thiruchcherai) page has been updated.

Jan 06

Our New year wishes to all bhagavathas. We seek your support to continue our kaimkaryams.

We are in the process of making a flower garden at Therzhandur divya desam.

Stotras page has been updated with Sri Kingruhesa stuthi of Swami Desikan.

Oct 05

We have been blessed to do some minor kaimkaryams at Sri Desikar sannidhi at Thirukkannamangai divya desam. Details here

New virtual page has been added for Thillai chitrakkoodam (chidambaram)

Ashtabujakaram page is updated.

Jul 05

New virtual tour pages have been added for ThiruppavaLa vaNNan, Thiru ninRavour and excellent images have been added in ahobilam

Virtual tour pages has been updated with more images for Thiruvallur, Thiruthanka (thuppul) Thiruvahendrapuram,Kudandhai, Ashta puyakaram and Melkote.

Sriperumbhuthur page has been added with rare images of Sri Ramanuja. (Virtual tour)

adiyen was blessed to visit many divya desams (around 40) during June/July. Details will be added soon.

May 05:

Sri Desika prabandham Tamil PDF version has been added (23rd May)

Sandhya vandanam for Rig and Sama veda has been added in stotras page.

We have now commenced kaimkaryam in Mudikondan Ramar temple also from this month.

Construction of Dwajasthambam for Adhanur temple is going on very well.

Our trust is participating in publication of Sri Sadagopan swamin's book " The choice is YOurs".

Malayalam divya prabandham link is active now. We have lost the divya prabandham meaning files uploaded on a free server.If anyone has downloaded this please share with us for reconstruction.


Bhagavad gita recitation of chapter 4 has been added in Bhagavad gita page.

Kaimkaryam page has been updated. One more temple is being supported for daily worship in chozha nadu.

Jan 05

Our trust has participated in relief efforts of Tsunami victims. Besides contributing for the The Hindu relief fund  (scroll down to see our divya desa kainkarya trust) we have directly involved in the kaimkaryam along with Lions Club,Seerkazhi. Our trust co ordinator Sri Aalinadan swami of Thirunagari was fully involved in distribution of food,clothes etc. We are awaiting for complete details and it will be publised shortly.

Dec 04

Amavasya tarpanam links are now rearranged and all the links are active now. See stotras page/anushtanam

Sri Santhanam's tour experiences to Kerala based divya desams is here.  New

Nov 04

Tour experiences of Smt Godha sridharan about Azhvar nava thirupathis has been added. Read it here.

Kaimkaryam page has been updated. See kaimkaryam/updates link.

Oct 04

Kanchipuram divya desa tour experiences of Smt Subha has been added. Divya desam/Travel guide link.

Kaimkaryam update page has been updated. See here

Thuppul divya desam virtual tour pages have been updated. Don't miss Swami desikan in Ther

Sep 04

Virtual tour Thiruneermalai pages have been updated.

Aug 2004
Please review the estimate for thanjai maamanikkoil Sri Neelamegap perumal temple renovation kaimkaryam and support. Go here

Smt Godha's tour experiences to Therazhundhur based divya desams are here.
July 2004

Upakarma procedure for 2004 (TaraNa tamil year) has been updated with sankalpam details. See Upakarma link.

June 2004

Travel info page of divya desam link has been updated with lots and lots information to visit all the 40 divya desams in Chozha nadu. Read it here.

Virtual tour page has been updated on 11th June 04. More to come..

Apr 2004

Our Tamil New year wishes to all bhagvathas.

We are pleased to inform that necessary permission has been obtained for renovation of Thanjai neelamegap perumal kaimkaryam. Please read the appeal here and participate in this kaimkaryam.

Divya desa tour experiences of Smt subha has been updated. Read it here

Mar 2004

Kaimkaryam link has been updated with details of recent kaimakaryams.

Divya desam virtual tour pages have been updated. Travel info page has been updated.

Kaimkaryam link has been updated. read it here

Feb 2004

Virutual tour pages have been updated with lots of images on Thalachchangadu,Thanjai mamanikkoil,Thiruvelliyangudi and Nathan koil divya desams.

Jan 2004

Thirunangur garuda sevai slide show has been added. See here.

Kaimkaryam details have been updated.Read the samprokshana invitation of Sri Mani madakkoil here

Simple Tamil commentry for Sribhashyam chapter 1 has been added. Philosophy link.

Kaimkaryam page has been updated. (Read the One important note portion)

More temples have been included in our list for nitya aradana kaimkaryam. See the updates.

Bhagavad gita chapter 3 audio clip(mp3) has been added. Listen

Kaimkaryam updates are now online at dd_update

ahobilam travel experiences of a devotee has been added. Valubale guide to plan your trip. Visit divya desam/travel info link

Meaning for desika pranbhandam (para madha pangam) has been added.Desika prabandham/Introduction link.

Dec 2003

We have commenced adding PDF version for the sanskrit version of Divya prabandham. Now you can read the divya prabandham in devanagari script without installing any fonts. Visit Divya prabandham/sanskrit link.

Virtual tour pages has been updated with lots of images on this sacred day of Margazhi(danur masam)

Few images taken with Yativaas during our divya desa yatra has been added here.

Tributes page has been updated.

Gadya trayam commentry of Sri Periavachchan pillai has been added. Stotras link.

Travel experiences to Badri and other north based divya desams has been added. Divya desam/Travel info link.

We had wonderful celebarations of Srimad Azhagiya singar's Thirunakshatram. See it here.

Nov 2003

Images of recent thirumanjanam and vastra and abharana samarpanam at Thanjai mamanikkoil has been added. click here.  See the present condition of the temple and support for renovation. 

Article about Sri Andikkadu swami has been added on Thirunakshatram. Nov 12th (aippasi mrugasheersham)
Acharya vamsa vruksham chart has been included.

Meaning for Sri Desika storas is being added. Visit Stotras link.

Meaning for Sri Desika prabandham is being added. Visit Desika prabandham/Introduction link(scroll down and link is located below each prabandham's brief writeup.

Brief meaning for First Second and Third thiruvandhAdhis has been added. Divya prabandham/Meaning link.

Oct 2003

Lots of images of divya desa perumals has been added in virtual tour page under divya desam link.Abhimana sthalams are updated.

We are now presenting Taitiriiypanishat (shiixavalli) with svara marks in Sanskrit and Tamil scripts.

We had wonderful celebration of Swami desikan Thirunakshatram. Read an article here. Images are here.

Meaning for Bhagavad gita in Tamil has been added for all the 18 chapters now.Visit Bhagavad gita link.

Meaning for Mandukya upanishad has been added.Visit  philosophy link.

SrI and Bhu suktam has been updated. Visit stotras link.

Kaimkaryam link has been updated.Please participate in the Thanjai mamanikkoil temple renovation.

adiyen has now completed my divya desa yatra experiences. Read it at your convenience.

Sep 2003

English meaning for entire Periazhvar thirumozhi is now available.Visit Divya prabandham and meaning link.

Swami desikan's ThirunaaL paattu has been added.Visit Desika prabandham/Tamil link.

Aug 2003.

adiyen was in India visiting various divya desams(around 40) in the last 6 weeks. Divya desam pages will be updated with new images. Read our tour experiences from here

We have two more CD titles from our site. Visit here.

Bhagavad gita meaning in Tamil has been added upto 12 th chapter now. Visit Bhagavad gita link

June 2003

Don't miss the Acharya vamsa vruksham article. Good article for children to know about our acharyas.

Divya desam virtual tour pages have been updated. (kudanthai,Kurugur,pullambhuthamkudi,kanchi).
Abhimana kshetram kattumannar koil has been added.

Brief details about each divya desam has been added in divya desam page.

Wonderful article has been added on Thiruvengadam based on a  devotee's personal experiences.

Image gallery has been updated with beautiful images of acharyas.Thanks to Sri Nrusimha priya.

Audio clips have been added for various stotras. Stotras link.

Glad to announce the audio links addition to Bhagavad gita pages.Recited by 8 year old daughter of mine.Pls listen to them.

Simple tamil meaning of gita has been added for first six chapters.

pls visit Travel information page on divya desam link for good travel information regarding pilgrimmage to North indian divya desams including Nepal.

May 2003.

We had wonderful ramanuja yayanthi here. Click here to see few images

Bhagavad gita tamil meaning for third chapter has been added. GO to gita link.

Sri Ramanuja ashtotra namavali composed by sri Sadagopan has been added in acharyas page.Namavali link.

We are glad to inform that our newly formed divya desa kainkarya trust has been registered in Madras last week.

April 2003.

Tamil meaning for Bhagavad gita based on Sri Thirukkallam swamy's commentry has been added.Visit Bhagavad gita link.

Travel info to divya desams page have been updated.

Appeal for support of renovation of Sri Lakshmi narasimha swamy temple near Kanchipuram has been added. See here.

Sambhavana kramam has been added in stotras page

Medavakkam sri Arul vannap perumal koil samprokshanam images have been added. See them.

Travel experiences of a devotee to most of the chozha desa temples have been added in divya desam Travel link.

We have formed a trust to serve various divya desams.See kaimkaryam link.

March 2003.

Divya desam virtual tour pages have been updated.
Thalachcchangadu kaimkaryam images have been added.See kaimkaryam link.
FAQ page has been updated.
Subhanu Tamil year calender has been updated.(upto April 2004).

Feb 2003.
Audio links have been added for sri desika stotras.
Divya desam virtual tour page has been updated.
Divya desa kaimkaryam details have been added.Go to kaimkaryam link on the menu bar.

Jan 2003.

We wish A very happy New year to all bhagavathas.

Travel maps have been added for all divya desams.(Divya desam/Travel info link)

Divya desam vitrual tour pages have been updated.Thirukkanna mangai added. More images to many dds.

Vishnu sahasra namam has been updated in line with sri Bhattar's vyakayam.Sri Panchayudha stotram and sri dvadasha nama pancharam has been added.(Stotras page).

More divya desam virtual tour pages have been added.Kabistalam,nadhan koil and pullambudhangudi and thillaivilagam(abhimana sthalam).

We have commeced adding travel maps to guide the bhagavathas.See the Travel info link in Divya desam section.

Srirangam,Therazhundhur,Thiruvalai and thirunagari,Uraiyur and azhvar thirunagari virtual pages have been updated. Divya desam/virtual tour link.

Virtual tour of abhimana sthalams( 6 so far) have been commenced.Pls share your image collection for hosting in this page.

Stotras page has been updated.Thiruppavai meaning missing links were rectified.(11th)

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